CBD for pets, dogs

How can hemp help your furry friend?

Believe it or not, your pets could be getting all the same benefits from CBD that humans do. Whether or not you know how CBD has helped humans, we wanted to give you a quick list from our customers of ways that CBD has helped their pets. Of course, you should talk to your vet first just to be safe and start with smaller dosage amounts to see how your pet responds.

According to Dr. Gary Richter, CBD "can help with everything from pain and soreness to stress and anxiety, upset stomach, and seizures." The benefits of CBD are broad and each pet will respond a little differently, what works for some dogs might not work for others.

Some uses that our customers have had success with:

  • Helps with separation anxiety issues by relaxing your pet while you are away
  • Relieves joint pain in older animals that seem to have more issues as they age
  • Calms down dogs that get scared and act out during thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Supports a less anxious lifestyle in general. Some customers give their pets CBD every day to help them.


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How much should I give my pet?

We have provided a list below of suggested dosage amounts from Christine Ruggeri, CHHC. However, these amounts may need to be adjusted based on your pets situation and response to CBD. Your four-legged friend may end up needing a little more or maybe a little less.


  • 10 Pounds = 0.5 mg
  • 20 pounds = 1 mg
  • 30 pounds = 1.5 mg
  • 40 pounds = 2 mg
  • 50 pounds = 2.5 mg
  • 60 pounds = 3 mg
  • 70 pounds = 3.5 mg
  • 80 pounds = 4 mg
  • 100 pounds = 5 mg
  • 120 pounds = 6 mg

We suggest you talk to your vet about giving your pet CBD to make sure it won't interfere with any of their current medicines. Just like anything new, it helps to get multiple opinions.

Pets can wear hemp too!

Hemp is an extremely durable material that has many industrial and practical uses in addition to producing CBD. Let your support for hemp show on the outside by outfitting your pet with some hemp collars, harnesses, and leashes made from hemp in America.

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