CBD Infused Banana Honey Peanut Butter
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CBD Infused Banana Honey Peanut Butter

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This creamy peanut butter comes with a special flavor boost from the sweet and savory honey and bananas that we mix in. This is a great way to give your favorite peanut butter sandwich a twist or mix up your favorite peanut butter based recipes.

Our small batch, hand crafted 'Nana Honey Peanut Butter is made with love and a simple selection of pure ingredients. Peanuts, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Peanut Oil, Bananas, and Honey are mixed together to bring you a delicious treat that you will enjoy every bit of.

This product contains 150 mg of full spectrum hemp extract (CBD).  Each serving contains about 18 mg of CBD in it which allows for the perfect way to customize your dosage.

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