About our farms

Welcome to the farm

We believe in the importance of trusted, responsible farming. We take special care to ensure that the plants used in products are grown with the purpose of being consumed by humans and animals. We understand that good hemp farming is natural and labor intensive; we do not take short cuts by using harmful chemicals or pesticides in our product.

It starts with the young ones

We produce our own baby plants using either seeds or clones that we produce ourselves. The decision to use seeds versus clones depends on the variety and location of where that particular plant will be grown. After detailed research and trials we have created our own variety of hemp flower called Bonnie Blue that grows well in our humid, coastal climate.

Indoor and outdoor growing

We have both indoor and outdoor growing facilities so that we can have a choice of the type of flower available for products. Growing indoors is also important so we can keep a steady supply of fresh hemp throughout the year and not just rely on the traditional growing season.

Continual Improvement

We are constantly testing new varieties, growing methods, and nutrient mixes as we search for the best method for growing pure, high-quality hemp that can be used to process and extract CBD.


We love to watch our plants as they evolve throughout their life. When the plants have grown enough and start to receive less light each day, they begin to produce beautiful flowers. The flowers are the part of the plant that contains CBD so it is very important that they are developing properly. We take care to watch them in detail to ensure that their formation is healthy.

Proud to grow for your benefit

Although the farming is hard work, we are proud to grow it for our customers. We believe in the importance and benefits that CBD provides so we don't want to rely on other farmers to meet our standards. We know that our CBD comes from our plants, grown in our fields, in our state of Virginia, within our United States. We do this because we want to share the magic of CBD with you and your loved ones.

Hemp is a plant that can heal you, feed you, clothe you, and house you. In time, everyone will experience hemp on a daily basis.

A great tasting way to experience the benefits of hemp

We make it easy to try CBD by making sure that it is a delightful experience. Consistent usage of CBD has helped our customers (humans and pets) get better sleep, relieve anxiety, and reduce pain from inflammation. We suggest getting about 10 mg per day which is easy to do with any of our products. If you don't use CBD regularly it can still help but you might want to use more when you do. Our 50 mg infused gummies are a great way for infrequent users to still get a positive experience.

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